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where the center of earl could be approaching hatteras and then it's going to come up to the coast and effect our beaches during the day on friday with a north/northeastly wind. there's going to be a lot of wave and beach erosion action there on the area beaches but it will be gone by saturday so keep that in mind. for us, going to be in the mid- 90s today with south winds 5 to 10. 79 at 9:00. 92 at noon and 92 at 5:00. and the air quality is unhealthy. angie? >> hope you're off to a wonderful wednesday. good morning, so great to see. let's talk about what we're doing with early on. just construction. no major incidents or accidents to tell you about. if you're traveling 95 going southbound at 216 you're going to want to watch for it. should be clearing in the next half hour. that's the same situation going northbound near powder mill. let's take it over to 270 in the local lanes. that's where we're going to want to watch for it near falls road and that's going
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southbound. in virginia 66, overall okay on. coming out of manassas making your way inside the belt away. 395 heading northbound. no problem. drivers moving at a good pace. making their way past the duke exit. and before this we're tracking 95 and so far so good. we're still looking at about that one hour drive to get out of fredericksburg continuing towards the springfield interchange. back to you. we've been talking about earl. from north carolina to maine residents up and down the east coast are being warned to keep a close eye on hurricane earl. the professional category 4 storm is barreling towards the u.s. packing 135 miles per hour winds. right now, forecasters say it has a chance of taking two very different paths. it could either make a direct its had or give the coast a blow. earl has already damaged homes on the carribean. several tourists have already
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decided to change their labor day plans. >> if it's going to come this way and if it makes landfall, yeah, we'll leave. >> i'm not going to come to the beach this weekend. it's going to get bad from what my mom is telling me. >> emergency teams are in place preparing for earl to arrive. a hurricane watch has been issued for coastline areas of north carolina meaning storm conditions are possible within the next 48 hours. today maryland governor martin o'malley should make a decision whether to evacuate ocean city. >> we have a heightened awareness and should it be necessary we'll take protective mitigation effort, actions for the city as a whole. >> maryland's emergency manager director says he doesn't expect such an ordered. the last time the city was evacuated was 1985 when hurricane gloria came through. and the governor could ask people to hold off in arriving to the weekend until late friday or saturday. to keep track of earl or any
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other tropical systems that deploy go to and click on weather to download our free hurricane tracker. police are asking for your help to find a man who raped an elderly woman in germantown. officers handed out flyers with a sketch and description of the suspect. he's described as a black man, 17 to 25 years old. 5'7"to 5'10" in height was a slim build and no facial hair. in june, he raped a 68-year-old woman. this month it's believed he raped again, assaulting an 86- year-old. police in anne arundel county are looking for a man also rescuesed of sexual assaulting an 83-year-old woman. officers say the masked man broke into her home in glen burnch sunday morning and attacked. defense secretary robert gates is in iraq this morning as american troops formallally bring combat operations in the country to a close. his visit comes one day after president obama's prime time
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address to the nation. tara mergener has more. >> it's time to turn the page. >> reporter: u.s. combat operations may have come to an end but the war in iraq isn't over. >> i can't tell my soldier you're not a combat armed soldier anymore. we're still out here doing what we did before. >> reporter: today, roughly 50,000 american forces begin operation new dawn. their mission, advising and supporting iraqi security forces over the next year. >> they've got to be successful really early on. the next 90 days will really tell w4-9d the iraqi security forces have been trained well. >> reporter: this morning defense secretary robert gates arrived in iraq, joining vice president joe biden who's been in the country all week pushing political leaders to end a stalemate. president obama also urged iraqi leaders to come to an agreement during his prime time address at the oval office last night. >> i encourage iraq leaders to move forward with a sense of urgency to form a reclusive
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government that is representative and accountable to the iraqi people. >> reporter: even when a iraqi government takes shape, president obama promised the u.s. government wouldn't just walk away. >> our combat mission is ending but our commitment to iraq's future is not. >> reporter: that commitment has come with a heavy price. nearly $1 trillion spent and more than 4,000 lives lost. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. u.s. investigators are looking into whether two men arrested in amsterdam were conducting a dry run for a potential terrorist attack. the suspects were taken into custody when their flight landed in amsterdam. u.s. officials flagged dutch authorities after discovering suspicious items in one of the suspect's bags, which were mistakenly shipped to dulles airport. screeners found several cell phones and blackberries, one taped to a pepto-bismol bottle.
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and three other large knives were found. officials from walter reed medical center are scheduled to meet with the nuclear regulatory commission. it's the first step in a prone of violations identified by nrc inspectors during a review at walter reid earlier this year. agents from the food and drug administration visited two iowa farms at the center of the salmonella outbreak. the fda and justice department confirmed that agents visited the farms but would not elaborate. it's unclear whether this new investigation is the first step in a criminal probe. fda officials say the farms violated new egg rules which took effect this summer. on friday, maryland voters will be able to cast a ballot before election day. it's the first time in history
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that maryland has allowed early voting before a primary or general election. voters can head to the polls early september 9th. early voting will be able on labor day. for a list of location where's you can vote early in maryland, log onto our website,, and click on maryland's news. the stock market looks to rebound from what proved to be the worst august in recent memory and no matter what kind of deals retailers offer it seems anybody refuses to make any new purchases
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traveling 507 westbound smooth sailing from the bay bridge towards the beltway but we have construction spots still lingering towards the 5:00 hour. i'll have that coming up. it is time now for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with
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today's headlines. hey, jessica. >> good morning, peggy, good morning, everybody. investors are hoping september is a kinder month. the stock market just ended its first august since 2001 and we're seeing green arrows and checking wall street for you. the dow stands this morning at 10014 after adding just about five points yesterday. the nasdaq dropped by five points and the s&p 500 was up by a fraction. the bipartisan financial crisis inquiry commission meets today to continue an investigation into the causes of the financial meltdown. the panel will hear from former ceos of big banks that collapsed. lehman brothers and wachovia. federal bank regulators are also appearing. not even skinny jeans for $20 are pulling people into stores. master card spending plus is reporting august spending rose on children's clothing and consumer electronics but shoppers pulled back on most other merchandise, including women's and men's fashion and
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luxury goods. meantime, new york has become the first state to pass a law outlining the rights of domestic workers. once it takes effect in 90 days, it will guarantee domestic workers overtime pay plus timeoff and protections against sexual harassment. there's 200,000 some thousands workers in new york state. >> thanks a lot jessica. for more living smart headlines be sure to log onto and click on the living smart tab on our home page. renewing your license in virginia is still going to be a problem and your morning cup of joe may have more benefits than simply keeping you alert at work. howard? >> just getting the latest information on earl. we'll have that updated for you and talk about impressive wave heights and of course let you know when the heat is going to go away. it will happen. 9news returns in just a moment.
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9news. california state senate has rejected a measure which would ban plastic bags. it says it hurts the environment. this would have been the first statewide ban in the country. hate to see those bags flapping around though. it's going to be another hot day but not quite as hot or unof the comfortable as yesterday maybe. >> because the air quality is better around here. >> yesterday we had a code red day. today is code orange. everybody is thinking about earl. earl is going to help with the heat too. once it passes, the weekend gets better but we've got to get past the next couple of days. we're going to cover all of the basises starting with my momslikeme bus stop forecast. it will be clear and mild with even the winds are fairly light. suns up here at 6:37 or so. today at a glance, sunny, sunny
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and sunny. highs in the mid-90s. right about 3:00 99. same thing as yesterday and the day before. we'll do it again. 91 at 6:00. that should be code red, not code only. 64 to 74. light south winds. 7:38 on the sunset and then tomorrow, things change a little bit. not as hot and we could see late clouds south and east in advance of earl. 90 to 95 possibly in the hot spots. we're pulling it down in a few. south winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. look at 9 temperatures this morning. we're still 77. it's balmy out there. low 70s on the eastern shore from eastern and cambridge. 60s out to the west at culpeper and manassas. sticky down in fredericksburg. their temperature 77 degrees. dew point 64 and it dropped into the 50s yesterday and a light south/southwestly wind at about 5 miles an hour.
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satellite and radar -- like the last few days it's quiet, not much has changed. big storms behind me. check it out across michigan down through chicago. storms near chicago that kind of messes up air travel and slows things down. high pressure still with us. we're going to buzz out of here. it's going to be a big player in determining what happens with earl because the faster that front gets here the better chance we can push earl out of the way. you see the front coming. but here comes earl by friday morning waking the outer banks of south carolina. still, we could get winds to 70 to 75 miles an hour right along the outer banks. big picture in the tropics. earl in the eastern bahamas, fiona still a tropical storm approaching the leeward islands but it's clearly earl that's got everybody's attention. you can see the circulation and eye as it's moving off to the northwest, not west but northwesterly. florida is okay. want to switch it to doppler
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radar for a moment. the waves are phenomenal. one one of the things we can do is call up wave heights. they become 20 feet in the purple area and the white close to the center. these are 43-foot waves. this thing will stay east. they're not going to have a storm surge like isabelle but parts of north carolina could see several feet of water. depending on how close it tracks. back to the weather maps. we'll talk with earl with winds of 135 miles per hour gusting to 160. we're move it to the north. still holding to a category 3 storm. perhaps a little weaker by 2:00 tomorrow morning. gets real close, 3:00 friday to the outer banks of south carolina. we're starting to transition may be a hair but not quickly enough. by noon on friday. i have this east of ocean city, pulling away. so friday is going to be a
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rough day at the beaches with the waves, the winds, all of that and this thing will quickly race out of the here. saturday morning approaching nova scotia. will it click martha's vineyard. potential exist for a landfall in southeastern massachusetts as well before this thing gets to canada and weakens but clearly a storm we'll be watching and one more look at the future cast. you can see how the storm is creeping up. by 2:00 afternoon, may be the first feeder bans get ing to the outer banks. thousand hatteras. i think later today or this evening that will happen. for us, we continue to watch earl and we're watching the heat. temperatures today will be in the mid-90s. low 90s tomorrow. friday more clouds around, slight chance we'll see a shower. we're going to be too far west in the metro for really any rain in the upper 80s and nice
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comfortable weekend. lower 80s. >> like the little flag. >> got to celebrate the holiday. >> that's right. hey, everybody. hope you're off to a great start this morning. right now our first real tieup this morning hit and miss early. an accident in fredericks, maryland where it meets route 26 and we know drivers are losing couple of right lanes. we're going to move you out to the outer loop in maryland where everything is looking great, making your way into virginia crossing that american legion bridge. we have more construction we're keeping an eye on for the next 15 minutes or so and this comes to us on 301 and near 214 so please use caution and northbound 210 we have construction set up and that is just before the beltway. finally we'll wrap it up with the beltway. good volume past arlington boulevard. pretty much good sailing from the wilson bridge all the way up towards 66. back to you, peggy. >> thanks a lot, angie.
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you'll still have to wait to get a drivers aren't or i.d. card in virginia -- drivers license or i.d. card in virginia. massive shut downs plague the dmv and two other state agencies. governor mcdonnell is calling for an independence investigation. he wants to know whether the contractor in charge should reimburse the state for lost business and productivity. no word on when the system will be back up and running. a reminder about this weekend's work on metro. starting friday night at 10:00, five red line stations will be closed so crews can do work on the tracks and switches. the tacoma/silver spring, wheaton and glenmont stations are scheduled to re-open 5:00 tuesday morning. it looks like work on what has been called on one of the worst bridges in our area will start next year. we first started telling you about the condition of the
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bridge. it got cool ratings after the i- 35/w bridge collapsed in minneapolis three years ago and vdot says construction will begin next year. the agency is hoping to award a contract by february and have all of the work finished by 2014. taking a look at this morning's living well headlines. new studies show preventive surgery does help women who have cancer-causing genes. according to researchers women with the braca gene who had a double mastectomy did not develop cancer after the surgery. similarily women who had their fallopian and ovaries removed showed no signs of cancer. eating vegetables may help ward off lung cancer. the key is a variety of vegetables, not the quantity. scientists looked at fresh, canned and dried vegetables. they say quitting smoking is still the number one way to reduce lung cancer risk. a cup of coffee a day may
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help blood flow. a new study shows a daily coffee habit can make the heart act younger in older adults with hypertension. researchers only saw a benefit of those who drank coffee moderation. a higher dose of three to five cups a day had no effect. even women who have workout religiously can have cellulite. that dimply fat is genetic. however, anita brikman tells us there's a new fda device to help treat it. >> reporter: she likes wearing shorts but didn't like revealing the cellulite on the back of your legs. >> no matter how much you workout. >> reporter: she's undergoing a new fda technology called reaction. it's the first device that combines existing therapies to treat cellulite and fat pockets and tighten the skin. >> a better overall result with fewer treatments. >> reporter: the treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin's surface and vacuum therapy to increase blood flow
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to the area. >> heating will cause the collagen to shorten and tighten the skin or causes controlled injury to the fat and causes the fat to disappear. >> reporter: the cost, about $2,500 for six weeks of treatment, and since it's cosmetic insurance won't pay. doctors say it usually takes a few visits to see real effects. some patients might bruise a little bit or feel minor discomfort. >> it just felt like someone was giving massage with hot heat. >> reporter: lisa is on her last treatment and says she's definitely sees a difference. >> i'm not as self conscious. >> reporter: anita brikman. >> in order to keep her thighs looking good. she will need to keep up with a single maintenance treatment once or twice a year. that gets expensive and doctors warn nothing can completely reshape the body. >> for more living well headlines go to and
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click on the living well tab on the front page. an arizona style immigration measure is struck down before it can reach the maryland [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. welcome back to 9news now. governor bob mcdonnell is moving ahead with plans to let virginia state troopers enforce immigration laws. earlier this month governor mcdonnell asked the federal department of homeland security for an agreement that would allow troopers to provide protection of immigration
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officers. he says it's a common state way to partner to improve safety. frederick county commissioners rejected a move to establish an arizona-style immigration law in maryland. a proposal would have required police to question criminal suspects about immigration status. the hiring of illegal immigrants for day labor projects would also be outlawed. board members rejected the immigration proposals by a three to two margin. according to the federal government, there are thousands of recalled products in homes and for sale on the internet. as lesli foster tells us they are dangerous items that can have deadly consequences but have fallen through the cracks and have gone unnoticedded by you. >> reporter: when 16-year-old danny kasar's parents dropped him off at day care they had no idea they used a dangerous product that would kill them. danny was napping in a crib like this one when the side collapsed on his neck and suffocated him. a crib that had been recalled
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five years earlier. >> we really couldn't believe it. we just couldn't understand how such a deadly crib could be in a licensed day care. >> reporter: every year the consumer safety product commission issues recall for millions of products but the message may not be hitting home for some consumers who still have these hazardous items or sell them on the internet. >> recalled products being on the market is a big problem. >> reporter: this government investigator's indentity is shielded because she works undercover, scanning the internet daily to look for recalled products. if it is one product, it's one too many. >> reporter: it is illegal to sell a recalled product. last year, the cpsc shut down nearly 1,000 online auctions involving recalled items but even with daily crackdowns by investigators, it is not hard to find dangerous items for sale like this crib. these lawn darts banned since
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1988. >> unsuspecting consumers are purchasing. >> reporter: now one family touched by tragedy hopes parents will take a look at the product before they law. >> danny's law named after danny kasar requires manufacturers to require registration cards. it comes with products like cribs and high chairs. fill it out and mail it. and if there a recall you will be notified immediately. go to our website, and click on living smart. that's a big issue. because there's a lot of -- cribs are often handed down and now drop-sided cribs, there's so many recalls you have to be very, very careful. >> we had a drop sided crib. we handed it down but thankfully ours had not been recalled. >> good morning, you're watching 9news now and it's 5:00 a.m. i'm peggy fox in for andrea roane. angie goff will have traffic in a moment. howard bernstein is here and we have are a

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